Friday, December 16, 2011

3 Wishes

if you were granted 3 wishes by a genie what would you ask for?

at first thought I would say oooo that's easy...a giant house with a swimming pool, unlimited $hopping moola,  & vacations every other week.

but are those really the right things to be wishing for Ali?... even though they sound so great, deep down they will not satisfy the thirst that only our heavenly father can.

even though i still would like some of those things, there are more important wishes i could be a wishing :) wishes that would benefit his kingdom.

what i wish for more than anything is a world filled with smiling faces, how much fun would that be if we could all just be friendly to each other for once?

i would also wish for selflessness in all aspects of my life...hello is this not so difficult for all of us? i wish i could spread my love as easy as i wish to receive it...wahhhhh.

my last wish would be to better bless my enemies, instead of letting evil thoughts about them linger in my brain...not that my enemies are total bad guys, but just people who have in some way or another hurt me and my sensitive spirit along the way.

it's so hard for me to completely forgive, but it's what our God does for us each & every day. there is incredible freedom in forgiveness, but for some stinkin' reason it is so hard to take that leap of faith.

a quote from my devotions:

"Am I that wise? If God spoke to me directly and asked what He could do for me, what would I ask for? Would I ask for health, wealth, youth, power, or prestige? Or would I ask for wisdom, holiness, and love? Would I be wise or foolish?
Suppose God asked you what He could give to you. What would you ask for?"

what would you ask for?
smile :) 

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  1. i love your wish to no longer be selfish. so so wonderful and true. i feel like marriage has shown me how truly selfish i can be.

    so thankful for God's grace that slowly changes us as we make ourselves available.