Friday, December 9, 2011

Canes & Wrinkles

I got a job at Ruby Tuesday as a hostess about a month ago now. My first restaurant job woo! 

It's been wonderful to greet people of all ages, races, and social statuses at the door with a smile no matter what they have for me in return.  Loving on them is my job.

And it's so much fun because that's why we're on this earth, to love as he first loved us
I'm shining my little light through my smile and it's been the greatest. Who'd a thunk i'd have so much fun at a restaurant not eating the food in front of my face, i sure didn't.
One of my favorite moments has been the old couples.
And God has really been teaching me something through them.
He asked me why I cater so much to certain ages and fall in love and want to love older folks more than anyone? I didn't have an answer really except for that they need me, but doesn't everyone?  He opened my eyes to judgements I have been making and holding onto.

Everyone so desperately needs to be loved no matter their appearance.

So I've been thinking this whole week and what I came up with was this:

If we pictured everyone (even though this sounds somewhat silly) with wrinkles and a cane wouldn't we be able to give love so much more freely?
I'm thinking you're nodding your head yes.

There's just something about old age that makes us treat and judge people differently.
Old people will always be preciously cute to me which is ok, but for now I'm picturing the world as if it were filled with wrinkles & canes.

After all, someday that will be each of us.
We need to soften our hearts and love people as if they carry a cane.

Help them out and love love love on them as if they were your grandma.
It's hard to do sometimes, but it's why we're here.
To love.
And smile :) 


  1. Beautiful blog, so true you can love anyone if you imagine them with canes and wrinkles! So proud of the beautiful young woman you've grown into inside and out!


  2. I love this. My favorite job ever was working at a restaurant.

    I have a friend that use to say...

    "Just assume that everybody is doing the best that they can."

    I think about that all the time.

  3. "soften our hearts and treat people like they carry a cane"

    this is so beautiful. i needed this.


  4. oh goodness, this just warmed my heart! I love your enthusiasm and charity that you have toward everyone. You rock!

  5. thanks to everyone of you! you all blessed me beyond words i could type here with your comments and encouragement! god is good! and faithful! xoxo