Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bucket Listness

If you haven't already done so, today I encourage everyone to create their own bucket list of hopes and dreams for their future. Find some time in the next couple of days/weeks to sit down and really think about what it is you want to accomplish and have in your life no matter your age! Once you've made your list think about where you're at right now and what it is you need to be doing to tackle every item on your list. The list will encourage you to get going and is such a great way to keep track of your progress, it's so fun to see things being checked off! Not only is this list good for you, but it could be something you do with your friends, family members, a boyfriend or girlfriend to see and compare what it is each of you wants to do with your lives! It's also a way to then support, encourage, and uplift each other in your bucket list journeys. I made one this past summer. It opened my eyes to all of the great things to come and filled my heart with such Joy knowing that there is a whole huge wide world out there for me to explore, conquer and be a difference maker in. God uniquely places a different set of desires in each of our hearts, no two set of bucket lists will be exactly alike and that's what makes this world go round, how fascinating is that?! It's just so fun to think about. I also have to remind you then that what you think you want, may not be exactly what God has planned for your life, but what is so awesome about this is that his plan is way better than any plan you could think up! God wants your dreams to come true, but in HIS perfect timing. There's no timing better than God's timing. Gosh to hear that puts my heart at such ease. I hope it does so for you too. God is good. Unless he is behind you, there is no way you can ever accomplish all of your dreams. Rely on his strength and trust him with your future. Let him know what it is you want to do and he will give it to you but in his perfect way. It may not come the way you expected, but that's the beauty of this life. I wanted to share with you my bucket list:
-shine my light
-follow my savior each day
-get an internship that leads to a career
-graduate with a GPA above 3.8
-Pass the CPA exam
-bless others in whatever way possible
-have my very own swimming pool
-be HAPPY :)
-marry my very best friend in the summer
-have childrem (2) or until there's a girl
-raise kids to love each other and live for Jesus
-travel, travel, travel
-work hard, but have fun working
-be a stay at home mom
-build the house of my dreams and use it to share the love of Jesus with everyone
-have a giant closet in that house
-take surf lessons
-sponsor children in Africa
-build a cabin on a chain of lakes
-trust God
-be the best wife I can be
-be thankful, gentle, encouraging
-use my creativity wherever is fitting
-love my family
-kill a deer/turkey and catch a muskie
-be a bridesmaid
-make a cake cakeboss style
-buy a buick enclave
-have a crafting room
-take dancing lessons
-hold couple's bible study
-attend a daytime tv talk show, dr phil, ellen...
-host murder mystery party
-catch a tarpon/shark/tropical fish
-yorkie poo
-sleep on the beach
-swim with the dolphins
-missions trips
-visit all 50 US states
-learn more about the stars
-meet a Twins player
-attend a NASCAR race
-donate blood..ahhh
-invest in the stock market
-become a millionaire
-Time's square on New Year's Eve
-go on a cruise
-attend a movie premiere
-design women's outdoor gear
and the list goes on........ keep adding to your list, it is a neverending process.
thanks for taking the time to read mine!
Go make one of your very own, share it with someone and smile :) A


  1. Ali! Thanks for sharing your post :) It was fun reading your list because it made me see some of your interests that I didn't know about. Like wanting to catch a shark! You go girl! I've never made a bucket list but I like the idea! You are awesome and I can't wait to follow you along on this blog while you travel! Love you friend!

  2. wow I love your blog! I'm following you!
    I hope you will follow me back

  3. I loved reading through your bucket list! We have a lot in common...my wish your you is that all these things come true for you! =)
    Kristina J.

  4. I love your list, Ali. I love it starts with God. I love the mix of individual and family. I love the mix of professionalism with personal interests. I love you shared your authentic you.

    ps - I laughed out loud when I read have two children or until there's a girl :)

    Lynn Petersen