Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Katie and I waiting at Hector Int'l Airport
 Hallo (hello in Dutch)! It's the end of day 2 here in Antwerp, Belgium, 9:43 at night and very dark! Having the most wonderful time with everyone and especially people watching! Everyone here is ridiculously fashionable and their kids too, it's so fun! Coats, scarves, tights, shoes, boots, dresses funkyness all the way and if you know me you know it's right up my "ali" ;) The weather is very similar to the US which was a relief after being on the plane for 8 hours yesterday stepping outside into the cool air we would normally dread back home. Being away means everything has to be different. 65 here is much warmer than 65 in Fargo right? Our University is gorgeous as you will see in the pictures below. NDSU can we grow vines on our buildings please? Cars are classy and most very tiny but they go a million miles an hour just inches from you. We are finally beginning to rid ourselves of the jet lag, yesterday was a bit rough and long as you will notice how the hair and face look so beautiful as the day goes on. I bought my first Belgian items today with my euros rock on! I also tried cucumbers and tomatoes on my sammie-wich with Katie for the first time really ever today and whadduhya know in Belgium they taste num diddly umptious. The bread here is also delicious, not as soft as i normally would like, but because it is so fresh the crunchyness isn't a bother at all. Here's day 1 and 2 in pictures for ya'll to see. So thankful to be here. Oh PS Belgians aren't the biggest fans of smiling which is very different for me to wrap my brain around so with that i will leave you with smile :) A
The Group

The beautiful fields of Fargo

Our jumbo jet!

We slept in style, but not for long. The flight attendant Fidel called us Divas

We had tvs in front of us where we could watch to see where we were in the sky

Changing our $ into euros

Turqouise building

My boots matched it perfectly

Most buildings have balconies,  I would love to wake up and sip OJ from my balcony

Our flats

Our room, so modern equipped with a paper lantern



The elevator is not a normal elevator you close the door yourself and then as you go up it stays, there are doors on every floor

pretty purple glass

Water in a fancy bottle

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Train station

Castlelike Radisson

The inside of a mall

oh yeah crocs!


pretty until you trip on an uneven one

the cathedral

Katie, Caitlyn, and I at Verona for our first dinner

My meal, Penne w/ 4 cheeses

The Quad of our school, it's like having class in a castle


The entrance

Go green

More of the school

My sammie with cuc's and tomatoes

The cute lil shop we ate lunch at

3 levels and a kids section!

Ginormous disney store!

The Flemish menu.

Fries and mayo = yum

My first time ordering a drink, malibu and coke! I am way past legal here!

The pub

Tot ziens! (Goodbye)


  1. Ali! Thanks for posting pics so quickly! It looks beautiful!! Praying for you.

  2. Aww thanks meg :) love and miss you, hope group was good! xoxo