Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our Paddy Wagon bus

 Hello from the land of shamrocks and sheep (and some of the prettiest ocean waters I've ever seen)! It's already been a whole week here in Ireland. I really don't want to leave this place, although flying in green shamrock planes is pretty neat :) that was a first and hopefully not a last! Being Irish has made this lovely country all the more heartfelt, thanks ancestors! We finally got the colder weather we packed for hip hip hooray, but of course it had to slap us hard in the face and be all windy AND cold AND rainy on us, therefore my scarf turned into a big ole bubooshka wrapped around my whole entire head! Loved the irish accents so much! If I didn't speak plain english, I would want to speak irishly! Bathroom towels in Ireland hotels are ginormous and the sinks are odd, for example, our sink had a two completely separate faucet nozzles for hot and cold so what do you do to get warm? Why you fill up two cups and mix the two together of course! Saw lots of "irish" deer and ducks which made me very excited for deer hunting time with my Leland! Being here makes me want to watch P.S. I Love You, Leap Year (even though I didn't like that one all that much), and Braveheart because all three have scenes filmed from places that we saw during our journey on the wifi filled Paddy Wagon. That's right our bus had wifi wooo! I have been eating lots and lots of burgers over here with lots of ketchup because they do not have bleu cheese waahhhh :/ I'm ready to be done buying greasy foods for too much money and get back to my fruits and veggies again! We ventured to Belfast (where the Titanic was built) and had an eerie tour of the catholic/protestant district in town, thought for sure I was going to get shot. Those two religions still have a very tough time getting along it's sad, but it's basically a political fight rather than religious. The Protestants or "loyalists" want to stay a separate country from Ireland in the south, but the Catholics, "republicans", want to be a unified country.  As we were touring, the guide showed us murals painted on the outside of a low income housing section of the protestant side of town which he said were painted by "terrorists" that word totally freaked me out! He explained that it isn't exactly the terrorist an American pictures, and explained that these murals were very illegal, but that if the government steps in an all out war will break out so they do nothing. I have pictures of the wall that separates the two below, it gave me quite the stomach ache. If you think of it, please pray for peace between the people of Northern Ireland. Scotland was up next! We ferried across on a deluxe ferry might I add from Belfast to Scotland. The ferry was equipped with movie theaters! We were in Edinburgh (pronounced edden-burr-a) most of the time. Saw lots of Kilts! Learned a lot about Eddinburgh's dark, scary history. Scotland was very scenic, mountainous, and lake or "loch" filled as they say. I hope to be back here someday and I think I will because one of our guides showed us a spot that we were supposed to spit onto if we wanted to return someday...I did! We are shamrockin' our way back to Belgium tomorrow for our last night at the residence. From there we embark on our bus tour across Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France once more! Can't believe it's winding down already, sad but happy to think about. I am getting very excited to use the dollar again! Normal size money wahoo! Enjoy the pictures below! Can't wait to frame some for my future home! Smile :) A
Guinness Storehouse

Doors here are very colorful!

Limerick Castle

This is how close we like to get to semis next to us eeek!

View out my window

A little irish house, this one's for you momma!

The Burren

The ocean here is so different and fun



The Cliffs of Moher

The grass is much greener over here

One of my faves :)

Tiny roads

Crafty Ali

Our carriage ride through Killarney Nat'l Park

Crazy colors

Narrow steps to the top of Blarney Castle

Kissing the Blarney stone which gives me 7 years of eloquence, meaning I can lie for the next 7 years

Rock of Dunamase

Climbing like a child

Where some of Leap Year was filmed (Amy Adams walked here ahhh)

Ancient Celtic cross


squatting sheep

Giant's Causeway

The stones of Giant's Causeway

they were formed from volcanoes

Where the Titanic was built

The Titanic's dock

there is a little yellow man replicating how tall a person would be way down there

Signing the wall

Catholic/Protestant district

oh yeah Ricky!

A pretty island, one of our first views in Scotland

A look down the Royal Mile in Scotland

Where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter books

the window she sat in

A gravestone built heavy dutily to keep grave diggers out

The school that inspired Hogwart's

There used to be a lake of poo under here, gross I know, name is fitting I know

The Castle of Edinburgh

Paying to pee

a nice dam

Loch Ness Lake

Touching the lake ahhhh

a pretty waterfall

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