Sunday, October 23, 2011


Swiss Francs
Eating some swiss snow
KK and A
ice ice baby

One big pile of mush, Dr. Scholl's after 1 month of walking
    9 stamps in the passport later and I'm officially back in my homeland. Yay for the land of free toilets and the dollar! It's a sad but mostly happy feeling to be home sleeping in my own comfy bed, showering in my own perfect temperature shower, getting ready all sprawled out in my own bathroom, and not living out of that suitcase hopefully for a very long time. Phewfta, I like having my space again! But, back to Europe.  During our last 6 days we ventured to a total of 5 countries, talk about country hopping! We left Belgium for Strasbourg, France from there headed to Interlaken, Switzerland, then Luxembourg and Germany and finally back to Brussels where my feet first touched Europeaness. The days are all fuzzy to me now, my ADD brain has school on its mind again, so thankfully the pictures can do the explaining. I will end by saying that the last 5 weeks were a whirlwind of experience and eyes changed for me. Seeing so many areas of the world so different, yet so similar to us has changed me as a person. If ever you have the opportunity to visit Europe or anywhere in the world for that matter especially as a study abroad trip make like Nike and JUST DO IT! Not only do you see sights you wouldn't normally see, but you also meet some awesome friends along the way. The world is a lot bigger than you think until you get out there and explore for yourself. Oh, also my 3 favorites of the trip: Ireland, The Eiffel Tower, and Switzerland.  I hope to return to all 3 and hopefully more someday. This week, it's back to reality... poor Ali school starts back up tomorrow. I will still be smiling though and you should too. Smile :) A

All glory to God for creating such a beautiful world. 

This was posted at the top of the mountain
Our final dinner in Antwerp

We love kimonos


Our last cherry beers!

Canals in Strasbourg, France

i was lovin the mustard and turq


A canalside resty-rant

Most of the buildings were wooden style

Full moon musky time

Eguisheim, France along the Alsace wine route

A flower filled town

Tiny door

Power lines

So many flowers for October

A giant storks nest

Back in the day there was a tax on the size of your first floor, hence this design...smarties

Too tall to enter

Fave shutters


  1. This looks like such a gorgeous fun place to visit.

  2. thanks Sarah! they were some pretty awesome sights!