Friday, October 7, 2011

London and all it's expensiveness

Our old fashioned hotel
Ello! Not going to say much in this one for real this time because I am currently in IRELAND!!!!!! Soaking up all of it's green goodness! London was a fun, but a fast 3 days of walking and heat! This time though I was prepared after buying shorts in Pari! Shorts from Paris how cool am I?! The telephone booths, taxis, and guards were some of my classic london favorites. Oh and they spoke english, which was another lovely thing. We got to see Kate's dress in Buckingham oooo exciting moment! On our last night we attended Wicked which was wickedly "brilliant" as the brits say! It was an awesome show! Such talent! Yesterday we flew to Ireland. Just up and flew there in 2 short hours oh yeah because in Europe you can go anywhere in a matter of hours, it was a quick irish flight for us. Really though we had shamrocks on the outside of our green plane how fun! Loving this land. Can't wait to share more soon! Smile :) Cheerio. Cheers. A

The Wellington

All of their taxis are so stinking adorable

Fall time in london



Where prince Harry still lives and William once did

These guys are too good at their job

The Queen is the only one allowed to drive through the center gate

Where the 2012 volleyball olympic games will be held, not too shabby

Big Ben at his finest

Westminster Abbey





The original Hard Rock

All lit up

This came in really handy

Big Clock

A coach taxi

We found the Parliament officials

Oh yeah, nice wigs!

Street signs

We walked through and saw Kate's beautiful dress and ended up in the backyard

The backside of Buckingham

Something is very wrong with this picture...

This one's for you andie, look which direction they're driving!

Tower Bridge

What a cool view

Apollo Victoria, London

The Girls @ Wicked!


The gigantic pound bills

And a glimpse at the Euros

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