Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paris, Franceness

Bonjour! Wee Wee from Pari! No big deal just went to Paris for a couple of days, rode the Metro like we’ve lived their for years, and climbed our way (in an elevator) to the top of the Eiffel Tower. My feet are sore and my body is still sweating, but it was sooo worth it. The things I’ve seen in movies that seemed so far away were right in front of my very eyes ahhhhhhhh some unreal, unbelievable, out of this world sights and scenery! This part of the world is oh so old but so beautiful. In class the other day our professor brought up the fact that 100 years in America seems like such a long time, but over here it’s nothing to them.  And then she said 100 miles in America seems so short, but going that far over here brings you easily to another country or maybe even two! It made me laugh! I’m going to let da pictures do most of the explaining this time, but will list a few things here too because I just can’t resist. Last Wednesday we trained it to Brussels for the day I rocked my fancy shmancy pencil skirt (which ended up ripping halfway through the day = not good) we ventured to the European Parliament, which is basically like the US’s House of Representatives. The EU’s system is very complicated to my brain; they have way too many different systems for me to figure out, so probably don't ask me to explain it to you haha. I will say that we were all expecting to see some sweet debates taking place but we got there only to view a room full of empty chairs booo. It was still a fascinating place to be, it’s kinda funny that I visited Europe’s governing bodies before our own. It made me really want to go to Washington DC soon…ahem mom/dad! We did some more galavanting and sweated our butts off throughout Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium, since it was 80 degrees and we walk fast you could call it a light jog! We were all anxious for the next day’s agenda: PARIS!!!!!!!! I can’t even describe the jitters I had when I caught my first glimpse of the Eiffel. I was in awwwww and shrieked like a little girl. You will see some of it’s beauty below, but pictures still don’t do it justice. It was funny though, I always figured that in Paris you could see the Eiffel Tower from everywhere, but it’s not like that at all.  Here and there it peeks at you, but not like I imagined. Going to the top of it was like an amusement park ride…I thought for sure the elevator was going to drop us like the power tower whoa were we high! 300 Meters up! We shopped on the most famous street in the world that was excellent, but hilarious…so here you have Louis Vitton, then Mercedes Benz, then oh hi McDonalds… a McDonalds that charges 2.50 for a Medium drink which is the size of our smalls back home so I guess you could say it was a classy McDonalds! We ate at the Hard Rock where I ordered my first Margarita ever!!!!!! I thought it was the coolest thing till I tasted the tequila ewwww! Going with the Daquiri next time! We also saw Notre Dame, which brought back the days of my Esmerelda Halloween costuming! It again was beautiful. Paris was a beauty! I hope that many of you get the chance to come here someday, but check out my pics for now and smile :) A 
P.S. We leave for London tomorrow already, then Ireland on Thursday! 
Our cruise ship like room, it was very high tech

The shower had LED lights that turned red for hot water, blue for cold, green for in the middle loved it!

My roommates :) All in Ali skirts because of the heat wave

The Seine River


Notre Dame

Notre Dame

The center of Paris!

Doors to the Notre Dame

The windows were magical

My first glimpse!!!!

The "invisible" pyramid

Arc De Triomphe

Napolean's art


The girls of the group

The underpass where Princess Di died :/

Her memorial

It started flashing its lights as we started our boat cruise

The butt of Notre Dame

King Henry the 4th's bridge

Henry had all of the guests at one of his parties painted, then turned them into statues on this bridge! This one was having a great time!

The Seine River surrounds Notre Dame

People come to this bridge to lock their love :) how precious...someday lee ;)

It was fashion week!!!!!!!!!!!

A fashion show was going to take place in the center of the Louvre

Tapping the pyramid


This is how we passed time in line

At the TOP!

We made it!

Pari from above!

Arc De Triomphe off in the distance
Subway sandwiches are sillyness here: one piece of cheese to cover your bun, one type of cheese to choose from, no italian herbs and cheese, and spendy!

View out our flat

Favorite chips ever over here! They're baked so healthy for me haha

Everything is crammed in

A little pub by our school

Diamond cutting machines

The sketchy Diamond District

Everyone was dressed in all black and carried briefcases full of diamonds


he was in a hurry

Another dude

Shopping street in Antwerp

Our fave accessory store

Mens and Womens together in one bathroom weirdness

The parliament

Add caption

A palace in Brussels

Golden gates


Our Gelatos

Our fave little ginger boy

Capturing katie's photogenicness

Peeing boy

An odd addition to the city

The first covered shopping mall!

Where the first chocolates, not chocolate as a whole but chocolate was invented!

Tumor tree

European Commision

European Council

The Atomium

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