Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet my A's

(<--Arica almost 18, Andie a teenager on the 30th--->)

I ventured home to see the familia after too many weeks far far away from them for hugs, european talk, and lots of souvenirs. The girls had no idea that I was leaving a day earlier then expected and skipping a class or two oops sorry professors family comes first, sooo only momma and myself were in on mission arrive a day early. It broke my heart to talk to each of them and explain that I wasn't leaving until after Friday's night classes = very late, they knew that meant not much time with them. Man is it killer for me to try and hold something like that in people! But boy did we get them good. Tears, screams, and lots of laughs accompanied each surprise. I sure love my little A's. They are my sisters, but most of all my bestest friends. I am so blessed by the uniqueness both hold deep within. Each at a different stage in the adventure of life, both keeping me a child at heart. They are the most stylish little things too dontcha think?! Momma helped us take some sister pictures this weekend, one may even be going on our Christmas card in a month or two but shhhh I'm not supposed to say anything! And Christmas is exactly 55 days away oh yeah oh yeah oh yeahhh! We even got Dad to join in for a picture at the bottom, he is a goof! I cherish my family and the hours we spend together sometimes being lazies on the couch, maybe arguing about something silly, or maybe dancing like crazies...the moments we spend together are priceless. 
PS I'm still working on the art of mastering my modelicious serious face I'm laughing at it too, 
Smile :) A

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