Thursday, November 17, 2011


today i'm going to be sharing with ya'll a little crafty craft. woo woo! these are my fave. this one's also very handy and so easy to make!

after i was accepted and on the lovely & oh so addicting pinterest for like 3ish days much thanks to miss Taylor Carlson who blogs right here, i knew that a more fashionable display case of a jewelry organizer was a must buy. i didn't know what exactly i wanted, just something-anything better then storing them away in the cupboard or in a tangled mess for absolutely no one to see. after all, jewels are a decoration in themselves and should not be in hiding.
so i went out in search of the perfect displayer for my preciously colorful jewels thinking that i would just buy a generic stand, ya know the ones that are tiny and everywhere (they would hold like 5 necklaces :/) but came up with a better craftier idea instead.
i found the outer white woodwork frame at Pier1 Imports. It is meant to be a frame where you would hang pictures off of each clothespin which is also fun, but i worked it in a different way.

[The original frame]

the frame has 3 rows of wires built into it, which is what caught my eye - necklaces hang perfectly from it (even the longest ones). 
i also clothespin some of my favorite necklaces for easier removal.
step 2 to this process is the black chunk of metal...

as you can see in the picture i do hang bigger earrings from the bottom wire, but there wasn't a place for the smaller studs. for this, i went to one of my new favorite stores (seriously toward the end of the summer i was in there twice a week hehe)... The Home Depot. 
i was in search of a material that had tiny enough holes for a small earring.
the employees were unsure at first, but i had faith the store would have something of the sort. 
sure enough, they found me just what i needed.
i ended up using a sheet of metal mesh, cut it to fit the back using the ever handy tin snips and glued her together with mr. E3000. 
i felt like such a handyman :) 

now both my earrings and necklaces (of all lengths) have a beautiful place to call home. 

this project wasn't the cheapest craft i've ever made, but to me the prettyness of it makes up for it. don'tcha think so too?!

[the frame was $28 and the sheet of metal $20]

~but you don't need to buy the frame with wire already strapped on, you could handyman this part yourself and decrease the cost.  all you would do is maybe find an old frame and paint it up or buy one, then grab some wire from your local hardware or crafting store-- and put the two together!~

hope you too can find a fun way to display your jewels, smile big :) A


  1. i love this project! makes all of your jewels look like art. i'm a new follower...via the shine project...hope you'll follow back if you'd like. --

  2. thanks hilary! loved your scarf post as well, it does not look like a raggedy t-shirt one bit!

  3. So crafty and cute, it looks amazing!

  4. thanks so much sarah! it was well worth the price, those jewels deserved it :)